Friday, March 25, 2011

Cloud 10 Vortex Pot pourri

The guys over at Herbalaxation have been getting in some new pot-pori lately, I have been hearing good things about their products and customer service, so I just had to give them a try.

The first item I got was. Cloud 10 Vortex.

 Herbalaxation is a nice little shop that offers many different brands of pot-pouri
from different makers.  If you have any questions about any of the products they have, head on over to twitter and just ask them, you can follow them by clicking here

I got onto twitter asked them what their strongest blends were, Cloud 10 Vortex was one of the two mentioned.  Delivery of the items was very fast, it took less than a week for both of them to arrive. 

I opened up the Cloud 10 and got a very nice smell, something very relaxing and kinda sweet smelling like cotton candy.  The smell was some of the best I have smelt in a long time, I am a big fan of the fragrance.  This stuff is also STRONG!  I got this stuff during a time when I was considering drying up because my tolerance was so high.  Now I understand that I just need to make sure to only review quality items like Cloud 10.

The effects of this one last more than an hour and are very heavy on the head and not so much the body, you may get confused but you won't get tired.  This one also was very light on the chest and lungs the next day.  This one is a strong buy for anyone who is a frequent customer!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Essence Herbal Blend

Essence Incense is a blend that I had not heard of until recently.  I was looking for new blends when someone contacted me via twitter.  This guy had a new blend called Essence.  I arranged for him to send me some so I could review it.  This company is a newer company, they are still getting their feet on the ground.  With that being said, I must say that their customer service can not be beat!  I am not sure what their prices are, but just ask via email I am sure you get a good deal.

The items came in four days which made me quite thrilled.  When it arrived I was very happy to open the package and see fresh incense waiting to be lit up.

Needless to say, I got down to business...  The experience was very light on the lungs and gave a small light headed experience.  This one is not super intense, but lasts a looong time.  It kind of reminds me of the 1-HQ blend.  If you are looking for a good stony feeling that will stay with you for over an hour, this is your stuff.  If you are looking to loose your mind for 15-30 mins, this blend is not for you.    


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atomic Blast Reviewed.

Atomic Blast is not your normal blend.  When you get it you will see that the maker puts real thought into what he is making.  This guy is not just throwing some old cruddy shake down and spraying it with a Windex bottle and calling it a day.  He is treating it the way it should be treated, like art.  

His website is very well put together.  Going there you will find what goes into the products there.  What I got had. damiana, mullein leaf, wild lettuce, lotus, skullcap, mugwort, coltsfoot, stevia
leaf, mints, lemongrass, lavender, baybean extract.

As you can see from the picture, this stuff looks great! It smokes amazing! It is very
light on the lungs and does not burn the back of the throat at all. All blends that
have the Mullen in them I love, Mullen will help clear your lungs if they are 

The taste of this stuff was that of pure herbal goodness. Very clean, not bad at all. 
Ours came with out flavors, but if you buy 28 grams or more you can choose from 
natural, lemon, orange, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, fruity combo, chocolate sundae, bubblegum, extra mint.

The experience itself is very pure, not too strong and not too light, just about 
perfect. I was feeling great for about 30 to 40 minutes. The stuff did us so good, 
we smoked it all before we went back to the others we had around the house for 
testing. This one is a strong buy for the person who uses daily. His prices are very 
good and the blends he uses are the best I have had to date.

Friday, February 25, 2011

1-HQ Premium Blend Herbal Incense

This blend is special because it boasts up to a 4 hour experience.
You can get the incense here

I purchased 3gr for 15.00.  Purchasing the items was a bit difficult but the seller worked well with me to get through the ordering process and threw in a few extra grams for the trouble.  I made the purchase on Sunday and it made it to me by Thursday which is not bad considering I live far away from the maker.  When the package arrived, I opened it up and found five 1 gram baggies.  The baggies looked like this.

I opened up one one the 1 gram baggie and put it on a white plate.  This is what it looked like.

I grabbed the plate and went into my meditation room sat down lit my incense.  The aroma was very natural, no cherry, strawberry, blueberry stuff here, just pure herbal joy.  It smelled like, smoke, it was VERY smooth no bad feelings at all in the lungs or throat.  I waited about 10 minutes then I started to get that foggy feeling in my head, I was very relaxed.  This stuff was very different from the Mad Maxx, I can't really say stronger or lighter, just different, more relaxed, not relaxed and kinda paranoid, just plain relaxed.  

For the first 30 minutes I was nice happy and very relaxed.  For the next 30 I was a bit less relaxed but still not thinking of lighting more incense. The next 30 minutes it subsided yet again. At the 2 hour mark I could still feel it but not really and was ready to light up some more incense.  I decided to fix dinner since I had not eaten. (I did not want to mess up the results) I ate and that killed the feeling at about 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

So it did not make it 4 hours for me, but I think someone who is not a frequent to the scene may just it the 4 hour mark.  I know one thing for sure, I will be one I will be getting this one again.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mad Maxx Review

Today’s review MAD MAXX

You can order it from Supply Boys by going to
When you get there are you see a newly updated page that is quite nice.
they have loads of different spices and many different flavors to choose from.

Mad Maxx:  I paid 50.00 for 14 grams, this came with a free coozy, papers, a lighter, and a sample pack of the Mad Maxx utltra.    

So I get home, open up the Mad Maxx and notice that it kinda of smells like diablo (a blend from Houston).  The smell is kinda like a pineapple, and it does not make the room stink at all, it is also VERY and nice on the lungs.  The incense looks well mainly green in there but you see a few reds. The bag itself if a silver bag with the picture above on the front. 

I set the incense up and smoked the room up.  great taste, good smell The only bad thing I can say about it is it makes the back of my throat sore.  However this could have been me, the room may not have been ventilated enough.

A few minutes later, I get that nice spacy, light headed and relaxed feeling that lasted about 30 minutes.  It was not harsh, very relaxing 30 minute max experience.  

The guys over at Supply boys are really nice and care about user experiences they even have email addressess for feedback.  Their site has loads of different variates of spice  and over 20 different flavors for each blend they have.  If I had one bit of advice for you, it would be to order online first to see what they have then try out the phone.